Lydian Smile App

Mobile and Web


Elegant technical solutions. Proven execution.

Search, Interact & Shop

Shop items across the world. Interact & build your profile to message, shop & follow with thousands of users

Secure Sign-In

Sign-In with Facebook, Apple, Google and sync inventory with 3rd party API (Sonlet)

Powerful Admin Portal
  • Import, sync & manage inventory

  • Create push notifications

  • Edit user permissions

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Reviews

Deliver a great experience to thousands of users.

Native In-App Purchases

Subscribe & renew in the app using Apple & Google's native In App Purchasing

Detailed Analytic Data

Smarter, informed decisions from detailed live reports in Google Analytics and Big Query

Targeted push notifications

Target push notifications at specific user categories and actions to drive engagement

Cloud-based Hi-Res Animated Reader

Ultra high-resolution images with responsive swiping & zooming

Always Secure

Built secure from top to bottom by experts in networking security

Realtime Mapping

Google Maps integrated mapping and background location tracking

Available Globally

Natively cross-platform. Rapidly deploy features & updates to users in the background.

Cloud Storage

Hosting, Tracking & Auto-Scaling seamlessly in the cloud

Amazing, Smooth
Custom Animations

  • Bring your app to life with engaging fluid 60 fps animations.

  • Fully functional offline. Data automatically syncs to the cloud when connection resumes.

  • Track users in real-time using a web-based admin portal.

  • Custom data analytics exports to CSV and more

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